Savoy Condos Unit 434 出售在洛杉矶市中心 Arts District Presented by DLXco

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上次更新: 2017/04/14

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Savoy Condos Unit No: 434

100 S Alameda St

Los Angeles, CA 90012

報價是: ¥2,549,610

销售的价格: ¥2,460,150

業主協會費: ¥2,831/個月

出售日期: 2011/09/06


上市價格/SQM: ¥23,140.41

销售的价格/SQM: ¥22,328.46

上市天數: 820

臥室: 2

浴室: 2

SQM: 110.18

允許寵物: 是

洗衣間: 內

停車位: 2

Mills Act: 不是

生活/工作: 不是

*外匯匯率:$ 1美元: ¥6.39 獲取信息: 2011/09/06 23:59:59 (GMT-06:00/07:00)(美國和加拿大)。


best priced condo in little tokyo for regular sale, enjoy quiet enviromental and nearby astonishing entertaiment complexes. Close acess to major Fwy and conveniently located in heart of Downtown Los Angeles. Showings done twice a month only. Don't hesitate to call tenant, cellphone number on private remarks. Existing lease ends December, 2011.

建造: Intracorp - 2005

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